Thursday, April 19, 2007

5 weeks + 1120 miles = complete circle

This little lizard crossed my path on my last leg to my car here in Hanksvile ;
journey complete! Heading back to Montana!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Page to Blanding

Indian Country! Spent a couple of wonderful relaxing days @ the hostel in Page; another great place to stay! Fully recovered and resupplied I headed toward Kayenta and the Navajo National Monument. What a phenomena that place is. Because I was too early in the season there was only the guided tour to Bétatakin possible, however our great guide made it a very special experience. Next stop was Monument Valley where I finally ran into some fellow bicyclists! Germans by chance! We did the ride through the valley together and spent a rather windy night there, actually one sandy blast almost took my tent...stakes were skattered everywhere and red sand is still with me today in the most impossible places. I accepted the invitation to join the team for a couple of days of riding. Matthias had started 20some months ago in Patagonia and his buddy Dennis joined him here in the Southwest for several weeks. We crossed the San Juan and toured through the Valley of the Gods. That night we camped below the Moki Dugway, a 1100 ft climb over 3 miles, a gravel road cut into the cliff, we climbed the next morning. Then we toured Natural Bridges and camped our last night at the comb wash where we'd part ways the next morning. That night I learned about their secret admiration of McDonald's! The place to clean, shave, charge all gadgets and perhaps some more! The comb wash road started out with a long push through sand, deflating my tires helped in the better parts, however it changed soon and a strong taily pushed me all the way past Bluff and Montezuma Creek. Sailing through Indian Country, entering dreamworlds, following songlines and just loving it!
I camped along the San Juan River and climbed up to Cajon Mesa and Hovenweep (Paiute for deserted valley ). The ruins here reminded of "alte Burgruinen"- look at the photos! Since rain/ snow are on the way I'm heading toward Cortez, Colorado and camp right next to the Sleeping Ute Mountain and it's chilly!
After a stormy night the rain finally let me take off but back toward Utah! Avoiding most of the rain I made it to White Mesa... Today it is a cold windy morning and I'm headed straight into it! I'm warming up here in Blanding, apparently Monticello got 4 in of snow; oh well, that will pass also. Hope to call again from Moab, let's see what can get in the way?

in my little tent during last night's storm

next to Sleeping Ute Mountain

the glass bottle pile in front of the post !?!

Ismay Trading Post

Twin Towers and Boulder House

Auf der Küssaburg

turn your head sideways to see the tower

notice the square tower inside the canyon


Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Inside the alcove

the desert blooms

Combs Wash Road

underneath the bridge


Natural Bridges

Looking back down!

on the Moki Dugway

below the Moki Dugway

...and back- the valley of idiots?

Going forth and...

Matthias und Dennis in the valley of gods

mit Dennis im Tal der Götter

Morning in the valley

more old rocks...

Matthias came up from Patagonia on his bike

Matthias und Dennis am Monument Valley

where the ancient ones lived

Inside the Alcove

Our Guide